Honeymooning: 8 Tips/Lessons Learned


Paradise, here I come!

Hello readers! If you have been following along from the start, you will notice I started my blog highlighting the best day of my life: my wedding day. So naturally, the only thing to follow afterwards was our honeymoon. We stayed at an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica and it was aaaamazing. However, there were a few things I learned along the way from booking our trip there to actually enjoying our time in paradise. Here are my eight tips/lessons learned:


1. Set a budget

We all know weddings can get expensive but so is the honeymoon. Take the time to look at your finances with your fiancé and determine how much can be allocated to the honeymoon. That will save you a lot of stress and keep you from expecting too much. I know when I was planning my honeymoon, it seemed like I wanted everything and I wasn't realistic about what I could get it for. Having a budget helped keep my dream honeymoon more realistic.


2. Inclusive resorts are the way to go

If you want to relax and literally just chill all day and not worry about anything, I highly recommend an all-inclusive resort - specifically, an all-adult inclusive resort. My now husband and I went to Jamaica and stayed at Sandals South Coast. I didn't have to worry about food, drinks, tips, towels, etc. Everything I needed was on the resort, and I had a fantastic time relaxing, eating, drinking, and basking in the sun. 


3. Excursions are a hit or miss

I would plan accordingly which resort you should stay at if you plan on doing more adventurous activities, such as hiking, cliff diving, climbing a waterfall, etc. Those usually require you to leave the resort. For me, we did one excursion and decided it wasn't worth our while because it was a 3 hour round trip from our resort to the excursion site, not to mention the drive to our resort was crazy terrifying. We had to cross the mountains to get there, driving in the back narrow roads on the left hand side which I wasn't used to. I don't think it was worth our time and extra $$ since the excursion only lasted about 1.5 hours. So make sure you plan accordingly if you want to do an excursion, which also cost extra, and make sure the excursion sites are close by to avoid the long drive. We didn't feel the need to do any other excursions after the one we went on since the island also provided activities such as snorkeling, diving, canoeing, tubing, and sailing that kept us pretty occupied.


4. Mother Nature is bipolar

It's such a huge bummer to go on a trip only to have it rain for the entirety of the trip, and that's what the weather forecasted. I was having anxiety thinking about how I was just going to be stuck in my room while I was in Jamaica. Luckily, I was told not to trust the weather forecast when it comes to the island because it's never accurate. If there was rain, it was usually only spotty showers. It rained 2-3 days out of the 7 days we were there. So when you look for a vacation spot, I would research the rainy season and try to avoid those times.



5. Bug spray is your friend

Not sure about other islands, but I was eaten up by mosquitos when I walked outside at night. I would highly recommend packing/buying bug spray and applying it if you're taking a stroll in the evening or sitting outside for dinner. 


6. Jerk Chicken is oh so good

I've never had jerk chicken until I was in Jamaica and it was amazing. There was a jerk shack on the resort that we visited almost everyday to the point the chef was familiar with our names. Take the time to try out a signature dish from the country you're visiting. 

7. Sun screen is also your friend

Because it was raining the first two days of our honeymoon, I was super stoked that the sun was finally out on the third day. We spent the entire time out in the sun, and even though I had sunscreen on, I wasn't very good about reapplying on a consistent basis. Also my SPF was only 30... Needless to say, I got sunburnt and looked like a lobster the next day. Make sure you wear lots of sunscreen, probably over SPF 30, and reapply.



8. Enjoy your time

Last but not least, enjoy your time. You are married! The trip went by really quickly because we had a great time, enjoying each other's company and relaxing. It was so nice to just take a break after planning the wedding for a year. So take your time and soak everything in. You've earned it.


Hope you found these tips/lessons learned useful. This doesn't apply to just a honeymoon. You can enjoy a nice all-inclusive vacation for special occasions or when you want to take a break. Whatever the reason is, it is nice to get away and relax ever once in a while.